Cloud-based Software Solutions

There are several advantages to hosting your solutions in the cloud. First of all, on-prem infrastructure costs money to run; from electricity and cooling costs, to licensing, to software patching, monitoring, security, and so on. Then, there is the issue of managing growth and being able to scale out as your solution gets adopted more widely. Last but not least, is the issue of maintaining 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world. In our view, cloud-based solutions are uniquely positioned to address all of the concerns above. At the same time, you want to hire a trusted solution developer who can mitigate some of the issues associated with running software in the cloud – namely, performance and connectivity issues that may be inherent to public clouds.

Web API, Systems Integration

Almost every SaaS solution that gets deployed these days comes with its own APIs that can be leveraged by customers wishing to integrate existing on-prem systems and applications. Web API is the most modern and popular method of bridging data from multiple sources. We offer expert advice and development services in the areas of Web API development and hosting, Web API integration/consumption, as well as OAuth/Connect ID authentication and authorization. Web APIs deployed into the public cloud such as Microsoft Azure can also be used as a resilient transport mechanism between two or more applications used by partner companies, or subsidiaries of a geographically distributed enterprise.

Mobile Apps

We can assist customers with development and distribution of native business applications for Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iWatch), Andriod devices, as well as Windows 10 universal apps. In the case of B2B apps, we develop turnkey solutions that extend existing line of business on-prem applications to the mobile platform (example: an on-prem ERM system that syncs data wirelessly to the mobile devices of the field workforce). We strongly recommend that our customers choose Microsoft Azure cloud for mobile services development and hosting.

Custom Line of Business Software

In addition to the mobile solutions and web services, we develop traditional software for on-prem deployments. We focus solely on the Microsoft app infrastructure (Windows Server, Active Directory authentication, Microsoft SQL Server databases and Microsoft IIS web service hosting). In addition to developing greenfield solutions, we can assist with reverse engineering and augmentation of the legacy solutions, as well as provide independent expert advice on architecture, performance, and security of third-party line of business applications.