There are several advantages to hosting your solutions in our green cloud. They range from significantly reduced operational costs to guaranteed data residency and unique disaster recovery solutions. Our platform has been engineered to handle any workload and provide our clients with an offering like no other.

As with any company there is always the issue of trying to accurately forecast growth so as to ensure the system is fit for purpose and is able to grow with the business for the foreseeable future. This is extremely hard to forecast and often leads to a substantial amount of hardware/software being purchased and often not utilized.

Cloud removes most of these issues as it is designed to be as flexible as your business providing a dynamic solution that can expand or contract based on the companies needs at any given time. It also provides secure access for all users 24/7/365 regardless of where they are located in the world.

With that in mind we believe that our cloud-based solution is uniquely positioned to address the needs of any 21st century business looking to be green, agile and willing to change with the times.

At SALT we strive to provide a level of service that surpasses our client’s expectations and enables us to be a trusted solutions provider for many years to come.


Cloud-enabled enterprise hosting of virtual server infrastructure. Scale up or down on demand and pay only for what you consume. All easily managed via our client portal


Infrastructure elements for your applications, hosted in the cloud. Traditional web hosting services along with the more modern PaaS offerings (SQL databases, web services, etc)


• Hosted Microsoft Exchange
• Hosted Microsoft CRM
• Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

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